TamKart MasterCard Debet

Card order has been temporarily deactivated at all salespoints of the bank.

5 years service cost


Charges and Fees


Works both in debit and credit mode.1

Free cash withdrawal from all domestic ATMs and transfers to all domestic cards (debit side)3

7% is calculated annually on the card balance registered in ABB mobile and transferred to the card account at the end of the month. 4

Double 'VAT refund'5

QayğıCash club membership.6

Deposits up to 3 000 AZN from other bank cards are commission free.7

1 If a customer applies for a credit limit in the future, the credit limit will be opened on the same card.

2 a) You will get high cashback on payments via TamKart Mastercard Standard Debet from in-package categories by choosing one of the "Faydalı cashback" packages on ABB mobile; b) The monthly limit for "Faydalı cashback" is AZN 300. The "Faydalı cashback” you collect will be instantly transferred to your cashback balance in ABB mobile.

3 Total limit of ATM withdrawal and transfer to all cards together is free up to AZN 7 000 per month, and above AZN 7 000 a 1% (min. AZN 1 or equivalent) commission is charged.

4 Interest on the card balance is calculated the amount from a minimum of 200 AZN to a maximum of 2 500 AZN and only on AZN currency cards.

5 Reach the "Gold" stage with Fayda Max and earn "2X EDV geri al".

6You will also get up to 20% cashback on your payments at partner stores.

7 0.5% commission is calculated when the amount of the deposit exceeds 3 000 AZN (AZN/USD/EUR) in a month.

Charges and Fees

Terms Up to 5 years
Monthly maximum cashback amount 300 AZN
SMS Notification service 1 AZN (monthly)
Connection to "3D Secure" service Free
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