Car loan

A beneficial loan for those wanting to buy a car from ABB!

Customers wanting to obtain a car loan can choose any car from all official car dealers and apply for the loan online.

To order the loan, click the "Apply" button, enter the FIN code of your ID card, your mobile number, and choose the branch that suits you. This way, you can find out the loan amount allocated to you without having to go to the branch quickly.

Car Loan Calculator

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Requirements for the customer


Annual interest rate* (depending on the type of car): Electric - from 12%; Hybrid – from 12.5%; Other - from 13%.

Amount: Up to 200,000 AZN

Duration: Up to 60 months

Commission: 0.5% (min. 20 AZN)

Initial payment: Starting from 10%

The production date of the cars to be purchased with the loan should be up to 3 years, and the mileage up to 1000 km.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from the car loan product?

Individuals with official income, receiving their salary on any bank card, can obtain the car loan product. The final decision on whether the loan is granted is based on analysis.

What documents are required to obtain a loan?

An identity card and a document confirming income are sufficient for initial analysis. Other documents may be required for verification of information.

Which cars can be obtained with a loan?

It is possible to obtain new cars from all official dealers with a loan.

How much is the initial payment?

For electric vehicles:  

   10% for vehicles with a production date of 3 years or less.

For hybrid motor vehicles: 

   20% for vehicles with a production date of 1 year or less;

   40% on vehicles with a production date between 1-3 years.

For vehicles powered by traditional fuel types:

      40% for vehicles with a production date of 1 year or less;

   50% on vehicles with a production date between 1-3 years.

Is a guarantor required?

No guarantor is required.

Are the vehicles insured?

Yes. Until the end of the loan term, the vehicles are insured by the customer's chosen (appropriate) company based on the customer's payment.


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