Our purpose

is to be a reliable partner in the modern financial world

Bank at a glance


As a modern universal financial group, we are committed to serve the financial needs of our customers by:

  • Making financial services accessible and affordable;
  • Bringing advanced experience and innovation;
  • Strengthening our communities by supporting businesses and human capital;
  • Contributing to the development and integration of the Azerbaijani economy to the world.


We are aspired to be a leading universal financial group in the South Caucasus by:

  • Delivering the unmatched service experience to our customers;
  • Being the most desired employer for talents and professionals;
  •  Achieving the richest returns to our shareholders;
  • Pursuing the highest standards of corporate governance;
  • Building the strongest ecosystem of partnerships for a digital future.

Strategic goals

You can get acquainted with the strategic goals of the International Bank of Azerbaijan for 2019-2022 here:

Our values

Courageous Integrity

We know what we will never do

Customer Commitment

We are fans of our customers

Curious Leaders

We are greater than the sum of us

Execution Excellence

We first do, then talk

Responsible Citizenship

We make our world a better place for all

Effective Frugality

We do more for less

Entrepreneurial spirit

We do things in a way untested before

Strategic goals

You can get acquainted with the strategic goals of the ABB for 2019-2022 here:

Strategic goals
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