Business loans

The International Bank of Azerbaijan presents business credits. With our short-term and long-term business loans, our customers can manage their business successfully.

Deposit secured loan

Loan to Entrepreneurs

Invoice Financing

E-COM and E-POS terminal line of credit

"Payroll support" loan/line of credit

Export support loan/line of credit


The International Bank of Azerbaijan provides Agro and Micro loans on favorable terms to support small and medium enterprises and stimulate agricultural development. With this loan, you will have the opportunity to develop and grow your business in a short time.

Supply financing

Agricultural support loan in cooperation with AR AKIA

"Working capital" loan/line of credit

Subsidized (Concessional) Loans in cooperating with AR IKZF

"Immediate support to partners" loan/line of credit

"Refinance your business" loan/line of credit

"Investment" loan/line of credit

Soft loan in cooperation with AR SIF

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