Business loans

The International Bank of Azerbaijan presents business credits. With our short-term and long-term business loans, our customers can manage their business successfully.

Supply financing

ABB offers you the "Supply financing" loan product in order to provide financial support for the execution of the contract concluded between the Supplier (Borrower) and the Buyer.

This loan product, being unsecured, provides the opportunity to finance up to 80% of the amount specified in the supply contract or purchase order.


≤ 1 mln. Maximum amount
up to 12 months* Term
from 13%** Interest rate
up to 1%*** Service fee


Execution of the purchase order


* Maximum: purchase order duration + 30 days

**  ≤ 50 thousand manat - from 15%; Manat equivalent (USD/EUR) – starting from 8%;
    50 thousand - 150 thousand manats - from 14%; manat equiv. USD/EUR – starting from 7%; 
    > 150 thousand manats - from 13%; Manat equivalent (USD/EUR) – starting from 6%.

*** min. 100 manats

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