Business loans

The International Bank of Azerbaijan presents business credits. With our short-term and long-term business loans, our customers can manage their business successfully.

"Immediate support to partners" loan/line of credit

ABB offers short-term unsecured loans to its customers to meet short-term requirements in local or foreign currency.

Loan terms are determined based on the turnover of clients' bank accounts. "Immediate support to partners" loan is available without collateral, with minimal documentation requirements.


350 000 Maximum amount
12 mos Term
Min. 12%* Interest rate
Up to 1%** Service fee

The repayment period of each tranche to be allocated within the limit is up to 90 days.

*Starting from 5% (USD, EUR)

<50 000 : Starting from 14 % (AZN),  6% (EUR) and 7% (USD)

 ≥50 000 : Starting from 12 % (AZN),  5% (EUR) and 6% (USD)

**For tranche usage - 0%

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