ABB Link

ABB presents ABB Link, one of its innovative services, to its customers and partners.

What is ABB Link:

ABB Link is a virtual POS terminal that facilitates the work of both commercial and service venues and customers during online sales, helping them to make payments online.

What are the benefits:

This service allows the customer to order any products and services online from the sales and service outlets that are partners of the ABB and pay via ABB Link. So, after placing an online order, the customer enters the ABB Link section of the site and pays by card. Or the seller can send the payment link to the customer. It is possible to send via all communication channels, including WhatsApp, SMS, e-mail, etc. When a customer makes a payment, the store immediately receives information about it.

How to join:

You can connect to ABB Link 24/7 at any time. There is no need for special integration processes. All sales and service outlets can benefit from ABB Link.

Is there a service fee:

No connection or service fee is required to use this service.

Which products and services are especially effective in paying online:

  • Monthly payment of internal loans (electronics, furniture, spare parts, etc.);
  • Tuition fees;
  • Food delivery services;
  • Early booking in restaurants;
  • Early booking at beauty and health centers;
  • Gift and flower orders;
  • Sale of water and water filter;
  • All other sales/services.
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