"Faydalı cashback"

Please welcome "Faydalı cashback" with ABB!

Now ABB customers will earn extra cashback for card payments. Customers can take the opportunity to get higher percentages of cashback in various categories. To activate "Faydalı cashback", the customer must select the appropriate category in the "Select to get more cashback" section of the ABB mobile app.

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See the packages and percentages in the table below:



Family man


Romantic (DOUBLE*)

Grocery stores 2%

Cafes/Retaurants 4%

Grocery stores 3%

Airline tickets 3%

Cafes/Retaurants 6%

Cafes/Retaurants 3%

Taxi 10%

Filling stations 3%

Hotels 3%

Clothing stores 6%

Taxi 5%

Books and stationery 5%

Pharmacies 3%

Clothing stores 5%

Cinemas 10%

ABB mobile 1.5%

(Auto payments) 3%

Cinemas 10%

Clinics 3%

ABB mobile 1.5%

(Auto payments) 3%

ABB mobile 1.5%

(Auto payments) 3%

Cinemas 10%

ABB mobile 1.5%

(Auto payments) 3%

ABB mobile 1.5%

(Auto payments) 3%

Entertainment centers 7%

Perfumery 8%

All payments 1%

Games 5%

All payments 1%

Flower shops 10%

Music platforms 10%

* From February 1st to 14th, we're doubling the cashback percentage to make your celebrations even more memorable.

Customers will earn cashback for the package they choose during the month by paying with any ABB card (except Azercell CoBrand, ABB Miles, “Edvgerial” and Business/Corporate cards).

ABB mobile


  • High percentage cashback from 5 packages;
  • Instant refund of cashback to the account in cash equivalent;
  • Possibility of transferring the collected funds to the card account.


  • Cashback is only available to ABB cardholders who uses the ABB mobile app;
  • The client must select a package of categories at the beginning of each month;
  • Cashback can only be transferred to personal customer's own card. (except pension, social, Edvgerial and Business/Corporate cards);
  • The maximum amount of cashback that can be obtained in one transaction is 30 AZN;
  • Transfer is possible if the balance of cashback exceeds 10 AZN;
  • Minimum monthly transfer limit is 1 manat, maximum - 100 manats;
  • The monthly total limit of "Faydalı cashback" is 100 manats, including 50 manats per payment within the application;
  • When activating package "Faydalı cashback", the accrual of standard cashback in the amount of 1-1.5% on any TamKart card is suspended, instead of this calculates a high percentage cashback in various categories.
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