"Faydalı cashback"

Please welcome "Faydalı cashback" with ABB!

Now ABB customers will earn extra cashback for card payments. Customers can take the opportunity to get higher percentages of cashback in 5 categories. To activate "Faydalı cashback", the customer must select the appropriate category in the "Select to get more cashback" section of the ABB mobile app.

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See the packages and percentages in the table below:

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Grocery stores 5%

Airline tickets 3%

Cafes/Retaurants 4%

Entertainment 5%

Grocery stores 2%

Filling stations 5%

Hotels 3%

Flower shops 7%

Games 5%

Cafes/Retaurants 3%

Clinics/Pharmacies 5%

Entertainment centers 7%

Entertainment centers 5%

Taxi and rail transport 5%

Cinemas 10%

All payments 1%

Clothing stores 5%

Perfume stores 5%

In-app payments 2%

All payments 1.5%

In-app payments 2%

In-app payments 2%

In-app payments 2%

NEW! "Back to school" 10%

In-app payments 2%

NEW! "Back to school" 10%

NEW! "Back to school" 10%

NEW! "Back to school" 10%

NEW! "Back to school" 10%

Customers will earn cashback for the package they choose during the month by paying with any ABB card (except Azercell CoBrand, ABB Miles, “Edvgerial” and Business/Corporate cards).

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  • High percentage cashback from 6 categories for 5 packages;
  • Instant refund of cashback to the account in cash equivalent;
  • Possibility of transferring the collected funds to the card account.


  • Cashback is only available to ABB cardholders who uses the ABB mobile app;
  • The client must select a package of categories at the beginning of each month;
  • Cashback can only be transferred to personal customer's own card. (except pension, social, Edvgerial and Business/Corporate cards);
  • The maximum amount of cashback that can be obtained in one transaction is 30 AZN;
  • Transfer is possible if the balance of cashback exceeds 10 AZN;
  • Minimum monthly transfer limit is 1 manat, maximum - 100 manats;
  • The monthly total limit of "Faydalı cashback" is 100 manats, including 50 manats per payment within the application;
  • When activating package "Faydalı cashback", the accrual of standard cashback in the amount of 1-1.5% on any TamKart card is suspended, instead of this calculates a high percentage cashback in 6 categories.
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