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Kaspersky Policy

Purpose of Data Processing

The Rightholder will process data to protect the Data Subject against information and network security threats when the Data Subject uses the End Product of the End User.

The declared purpose is achieved by:

  • detecting use of the Data Subject’s account by third parties,
  • detecting access to the Data Subject’s account when access is performed with the help of remote access tools,
  • detecting use of scripts and other automatic means for working with the End Product by the Data Subject,
  • detecting interception of the work session of the Data Subject with the End Product,
  • detecting unauthorized or unspecified data modification.

In order to ensure the security of transactions and prevent fraudulent actions the Bank has the right to transfer to "Kaspersky" (JSB "Kaspersky", address: 125212, Moscow, Leningradskoe shosse, 39A, building 2, BC "Olympia Park") the following data: Software, End Product, Data Subject and Environment identifiers (device identifiers, IMSI, IMEI, device firmware identifiers, software installations identifiers, software versions, OS, user identifier and user login in End Product); data of the use of authentication functionality on the device by a fingerprint (data about support for this functionality by the device, data on activation / deactivation of functionality, data about the fact of fingerprint change used for authentication on the device); installed applications data (file names, package names, paths, permissions, certificates, source, used libraries, date and time of installation, application reputation); device location data (coordinates, coordinates precision); active network connections (GPRS, GPS, Wi-Fi); device roaming, network connections data (IP addresses, MAC addresses, URLs, HTTP referrer data, SSID, VPN connection data); fingerprint of device properties (device firmware and hardware properties, display characteristics, sensors properties, network connection data, current settings, current security settings, location, system settings, webView settings, webGl data, canvas fingerprint, ); files data (size, name, path, file MD5 hash sum); SensorEvent data; Privacy Policy Kaspersky is located at:


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