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Double VAT

How can I earn Double VAT?

If the “Double VAT” function is active in the ABB mobile application and you have completed the "Gold" stage in the Fayda Max program, you can earn double VAT by scanning the transaction receipts in ABB mobile for any transactions made with ABB cards (excluding business cards).
  • B. Samir
Double VAT

Can I earn double VAT on installment or whole sum payment?

It is possible to earn double VAT on both your installment and whole sum payments.
  • K. Fəridə
Double VAT

Is the monthly limit on the total amount I can earn with the "2x ƏDV geri al" service 50 AZN?

The monthly immediately redeemable amount limit for the "2x ƏDV geri al" reward is 25 AZN. When this limit is exceeded, the amount is calculated at double the rate but is returned to the balance at the end of the month instead of immediately. Without any limit on receipt amount and receipt count, you can earn a maximum of 50 AZN per month for the "2x ƏDV geri al".
  • P. Gülnar
Double VAT

Via which card can I get double VAT by scaning the transaction receipt?

It is possible to earn double VAT by scanning payment receipts made with any ABB cards (excluding business cards) in the ABB mobile application.
  • Q. Ceyhun
Double VAT

Is it possible to earn double VAT when scaning cashless payment receipts made with TamKart using the "VAT refund site" or another bank's VAT reader?

No, double VAT applies only to receipts scanned via ABB mobile application.
  • K. Malik
Double VAT

Is the double VAT calculated when a part of my transaction amount is returned or canceled after scanning the receipt?

"2x ƏDV geri al" is not earned for refunded or canceled payments.
  • D. Ofeliya
Double VAT

How can I instantly receive a "2x EDV geri al"?

To instantly receive the "2x EDV geri al" reward, you can scan up to 5 receipts per day, with each not exceeding AZN 100. If you scan more than 5 receipts, each subsequent one will be calculated at the standard "2x EDV geri al" rate and credited back to your balance at the end of the month.
  • A. Salman
Double VAT

If the monthly earnings from "2x EDV geri al" amount to AZN 48, and an "EDV geri al" of AZN 5 is earned in the next payment, will the "2x EDV geri al" amount be credited to the customer's balance?

The maximum monthly limit for earning through "2x EDV geri al" is AZN 50. Suppose the balance is AZN 48, and the "EDV geri al" from the transaction exceeds AZN 50. In that case, it will not qualify for the "2x EDV geri al" calculation. "2x EDV geri al" can only be calculated when the amount earned from the “Edv geri al” transaction doesn`t exceed AZN 50.
  • P. Sədrəddin

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