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Hamısı Loan Cards Double VAT
Double VAT

How can I earn double VAT?

After activating the "Double VAT" function in the ABB mobile application, you can earn double VAT by scanning the receipts of your TamKart card transactions via ABB mobile.
  • B. Samir
Double VAT

Can I earn double VAT on installment or whole sum payment?

It is possible to earn double VAT on both your installment and whole sum payments.
  • K. Fəridə
Double VAT

Is the monthly limit on the total amount I can earn with the VAT refund service 50 AZN?

No, the monthly limit of 50 AZN is twice the amount of VAT you earn from non-cash transactions with TamKart.
  • P. Gülnar
Double VAT

Is it possible to earn double VAT if the transaction receipt is not scanned within 1 day?

No, in this case you only earn 1x VAT.
  • N. Mehin
Double VAT

Via which card can İ get double VAT by scaning the transaction receipt?

Double VAT can only be obtained by scaning receipts for cashless payments made with TamKart via ABB mobile app.
  • Q. Ceyhun
Double VAT

Is it possible to earn double VAT when scaning cashless payment receipts made with TamKart using the "VAT refund site" or another bank's VAT reader?

No, double VAT applies only to receipts scanned via ABB mobile application.
  • K. Malik
Double VAT

Is double VAT charged if part of my transaction amount is returned or canceled after reading the receipt?

Double amount returned by the state tax office will be calculated and returned.
  • D. Ofeliya
Double VAT

Do I earn double VAT if part of the purchase is made in cash and the rest is cashless?

No, the amount on the receipt must be the same as the amount of the transaction (through the card), as well as the time indicated on the receipt.
  • A. Salman

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