Express money transfers between the ABB and the ABB-Moscow bank via Granat express money transfers are now more convenient.


  • Affordable commission fee;
  • Possibility to transfer money from Russia through the "Granat" mobile application;
  • Possibility to send/receive transfers in RUB, EUR and USD in a few minutes;
  • Possibility to receive transfers from Russia in AZN;
  • Possibility to transfer money to the ABB’s cards;
  • Possibility to receive the transfer from Russia by bank card or cash.

How to send money with Granat?

  1. Visit the ABB’s branches or sub-branches on the territory of Azerbaijan.;
  2. In Russia, approach the branches / sub-branches of the Bank ABB-Moscow or make a transfer via the mobile application "Granat";
  3. Provide your ID;
  4. Provide the name and family name of the beneficiary;
  5. Get the transaction code at the end of the operation and provide it to the beneficiary.

How to get money with Granat?

  1. Visit the ABB’s branches or cash out the funds sent to the card from the ATMs;
  2. Visit the Bank ABB-Moscow’s branches;
  3. Provide your ID and the transaction code.

Granat express money transfer system can be used by visiting all branches or sub-branches of the Bank.

Note: From 05.07.2022, customers will be able to queue only through R@ndevu service to use all Urgent Money Transfer operations.


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