Change your PIN

If you forget your PIN quite often, you can change it with our PIN Change service to any 4 digits of your choice.

You can use the following channels to change the PIN

Changing your PIN is simple

  • Choose PIN Change in the menu;
  • Enter your new PIN, press Enter and confirm.

Attention: make sure not to use figures which can be easily found, such as your date of birth, last 4 digits of your card number, etc.).

PIN Erase - a service to recover a forgotten PIN code. So, if you completely forget the PIN code of your card, you need to approach the service networks and apply. The service network employee creates a request based on the relevant application and cancels your current PIN code based on this request. There is a AZN 2 service fee for this service.

PIN Set - a service for assigning a new PIN code to the card. When your new card has a PIN Set (PS) service or the PIN code of your existing card is erased, use the PIN Set service through the POS terminal for the new PIN code.

Charges and Fees

Service name

Service fee

Recovery of blocked PIN-code


PIN-Change service


PIN Erase (recovery of forgotten PIN-code) service (for each transaction)




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