Repay your loan

Ways to pay

To make payments on time, you can use the following methods

In case your repayment amount exceeds your regular monthly installments you have two options:

  • Keep your installment amount and reduce the loan term
  • Keep the term of the loan and reduce your installment amount

Online loan repayment


Online loan repayment service allows you to repay your loan using any ABB-issued card without visiting branches or payment terminals.

Repaying loan online is simple:

  • Go to Online loan repayment
  • Enter your 20-digit account number (you can find your account number in the loan agreement) and press OK.
  • If you want to get confirmation of your repayment on your email, then enter our email address.
  • Enter payment amount and press the button PAY.
  • Check the information you have enter, press the button OK and approve payment.
  • Enter the information of your payment card and confirm payment with button Approve.
  • Receipt will be sent to your email address.
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