Safe deposit box


If you're looking for a way to protect your documents, cash and other valuable items, consider keeping them in a safe deposit box that's securely stored inside the vault at your local branch.

The minimum lease term is 1 day, maximum lease term is 1  year. After the expiration of the leasing term, the contract will be automatically rolled-over if you don’t cancel it beforehand.

If you wish to rent a safe deposit box, fill in and print the application form, present it along with your ID card at your branch and sign the agreement.

How it works

How the safety of my safe deposit box is ensured?

Safe deposit boxes are placed in the special premises equipped by the security systems.

Deposit boxes have two locks and two keys which differ from each other. Deposit box can be opened by the two keys simultaneously. One of the keys is kept by the client, the other one is safeguarded at the branch.

What should I do in case of loss of the key?

In case of loss of the key you should address to the branch with the application. New locks, keys and other costs will be paid by the customer (in accordance with our charges and fees table).

Can I allow another person to use my safe deposit box?

You can nominate another person as the user of your safe deposit box. In this case he/she should provide a notarised power of attorney.

Charges and Fees

Rental fee is to be paid in full in advance for the whole rental period and depends on the size of the deposit box.

Safe size

Monthly rent price

(including VAT) (AZN)

Little safe (0 - 20,000


Medium safe (20,000 - 60,000


Large safe (60,000 and more)



Fine for the loss/uselessness of the key /  making the safe unusable / compulsory opening of the safe in accordance with the internal rules of the Bank, as well as for keeping the things stored in the safe in general

120 AZN  

Loss/impairment for special plastic card 

20 AZN  

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