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Benefit from "Fayda Max" advantages with ABB mobile, earn more as you spend!

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What rewards does "Fayda Max" provide?

Earn various rewards by easily achieving the goals tailored for each stage

Extra "Faydalı Cashback"

Extra "Faydalı Cashback"

Your accrued "Faydalı cashback" rewards will be multiplied by a coefficient of up to 1.3

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Cashback for loan payments

Cashback for loan payments

Up to 15% cashback on the interest amount of the loan you received after activating "Fayda Max"

"2x EDV geri al"

"2x EDV geri al"

You will instantly receive "2x EDV geri al" on cashless transactions made using any Bank ABB cards

Commission-free money transfer

Commission-free money transfer

The monthly transfer limit will be up to 30 000 AZN without any commission fees

How can I earn with "Fayda Max"?

Very simple! Activate, complete the goals, benefit from the rewards!

Step 1


Simply activating "Fayda Max" once upon entering the "For you" is sufficient

Step 2

Complete the goals

Complete the goals specific to each stage and receive rewards in the following month

Step 3

Take advantage of the rewards

Earning rewards next month depends on completing specific stages by the end of this month

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Earn more with "Fayda Max"!

By downloading the ABB mobile app, you can benefit from many innovations

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Download the ABB mobile app, earn rewards!

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What are the advantages of "Fayda Max"?

You can join "Fayda Max" and earn many rewards based on your monthly turnover and active cash loan



Earn rewards by completing one of the "Bronze", "Silver" or "Gold" stages within a month



Achieve the monthly stages and meet the goals to enjoy maximum rewards.



Each month, we'll surprise you with exciting rewards and exceptional offers. Stay tuned...

Achieving goals is very convenient

By taking advantage of "Fayda Max", you will receive a multitude of rewards


Frequently Asked Questions

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All our customers who use the "ABB mobile" application can take advantage of the "Fayda Max".

By taking part in the "Fayda Max" and completing any of the stages, you will receive rewards the following month based on the latest stage you've achieved.

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You can track your stage and active rewards in the section "For you" of the "ABB mobile" app.

To complete any stage, you must accomplish at least 2 out of the 3 goals.

Your progress resets at the beginning of each month, and you begin completing the milestones again by reaching the goals again.

If you don't meet any stage by the end of the month, regrettably, you will not qualify for rewards in the following month.

To accomplish any stage, you must attain at least 2 out of the 3 specified goals. If you have an active loan, achieving the minimum cashless turnover goal is sufficient to complete the stage. If you do not have an active cash loan, you can only complete the stage by reaching the highest non-cash turnover goal displayed.  Please note that the cashless turnover you generate influences the cashless turnover progress for each stage.

All 3 stages can be completed in one month. 

In-app payments (excluding loan and mortgage payments) and POS and E-commerce payments made on all Bank ABB debit and credit cards ( except Business cards ) are included in the cashless turnover target, except payments from the MMC mentioned.                                                                   

Payments from the MMC above do not affect the cashless turnover target: 6012; 6051; 4814; 4816;4900; 9399; 9311; 6050; 4829; 9211; 1100; 6534; 9222; 6211; 6300; 6538.

For customers with active cash loans, this goal is automatically completed.                                                                                                                   

Note: The active loan goal is considered unmet if you are more than 9 days overdue on your current cash loan.

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You can track your active rewards or the rewards you are about to complete in the "For You" section.

You will receive rewards for the stage you completed last at the end of the month during the following month.

This reward is available exclusively to those who achieve the "Gold stage." The maximum limit is 30 000 AZN.   

Note: Fee-free money transfers are exclusively valid for in-country debit cards. This campaign does not apply to credit cards and is not valid for transfers of money internationally.

The rewards you have earned during the month will be activated from the 1st of the following month.

 If a customer earns an extra cashback reward, the percentage of the "Faydalı Cashback" earned will be multiplied by the specified amount depending on the stage.

Upon completing the "Fayda Max", you will receive a cashback equivalent to the interest amount on your monthly cash loan payment ( based on the completed stage ). To be eligible for this reward, you must not be more than 9 days overdue on your active cash loan.

Note: Your cashback reward will be calculated according to the time of clearing your loan payment.

If you've completed the "Gold" stage, starting next month, you'll be eligible to receive  "2x EDV geri al" on non-cash transactions made with any Bank ABB card, except for Business cards. By scanning receipts for non-cash purchases made with any Bank ABB card (excluding business cards) in the ABB mobile application, you'll earn "2x EDV geri al". To benefit from the reward, you must first register in "ABB mobile" and activate your EDV cabinet

The monthly limit for instant earnings of the "2x EDV geri al" reward is AZN 25. If this limit is exceeded, the amount will be doubled, but the excess profit will be credited back to the balance at the end of the month rather than immediately. With the "2x EDV geri al" reward, you can earn a maximum of AZN 50 per month, with no restrictions on the amount or number of receipts.

2x EDV geri al is not applicable to returned or canceled payments.

To instantly receive the "2x EDV geri al" reward, you need to scan up to 5 receipts per day, with each not exceeding AZN 100. If you scan more than 5 receipts, each subsequent one will be calculated at the standard  "2x EDV geri al" rate and credited back to your balance at the end of the month.

You can get a "2x EDV geri al" for either installments or a lump sum payment.

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