Open DigiHesab

Open DigiHesab:

With DigiHesab, you can effortlessly open a current account entirely online through the ABB mobile app.


  • Deposit funds into the account (via ABB mobile or at any of our branches/departments)
  • Withdraw cash from the account (at any of our branches/departments)
  • Transfer between your cards and accounts using ABB mobile
  • Conduct domestic or international transfers from the account
  • Join our Regular Transfer service to conveniently send the desired amount to any person who holds an account with our bank on a regular basis
  • View account statements

Accounts can be opened in the following currencies:

- Azerbaijani manat (AZN)

- United States Dollar (USD)

- Euro (EUR)


Opening a current or deposit account is free of charge.

In ABB mobile, customers can create up to 2 current accounts in each currency.


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