Great opportunities for new ABB customers!

    Campaign is for: 📣

    Any customer who currently does not use any product of Bank ABB

    Main steps 👣

    The user must order the Tam DigiCard offered to him when registering in the ABB mobile (or from the "banner" presented on the main screen) and then start making payments with this card. This card is both a digital and a physical product of ABB and offers the opportunity to use many banking services without an annual limit. The card can be obtained instantly and used immediately with Apple Pay and Google Pay. Tam DigiCard is completely free of charge and can be activated instantly in the ABB mobile application.

    Gifts: 🎁

    - 6 AZN*

    - Up to 10% cashback in more than 20 categories

    - Commission-free transfers

    - 2% cashback on all payments with ABB mobile (3% cashback if the customer also sets up auto-payment in the app)

    * If the user does not use the 6 AZN gift within 7 days, it will be removed from the cashback balance.

    Take advantage now!

    ABB Mobile