Affordable mortgage loans (MIDA) issued at the expense of the Mortgage and Credit Guarantee Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan


Amount: up to 100 000 AZN

Term: 3-30 years

Interest rate: 4%

Down payment: min. 10%

Repayment mode: Annuity

  1. Loan should be paid out in Azerbaijan manats;
  2. Loan should be given to Azerbaijan Republic citizen;
  3. Borrower’s age on last loan repayment date should not exceed the limit of retirement age defined in legislation;
  4. Real estate loaded with mortgage should be estimated by independent evaluator listed in agent list of the Mortgage and Credit Guarantee Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan and with whom relevant contract on cooperation was signed.

Required documents

  1. Identity card of the borrower (borrowers) and its notarized copy.
  2. If the borrower is married, the ID card of the spouse and notarized copy of the marriage (or divorce, spouse's death) certificate.
  3. In case the borrower is single, a certificate of celibacy from the "State registration of civil status acts" (registry office).
  4. Notarized copy of identity cards of adult and under age family members living together with the borrower (borrowers).
  5. Certificate of family composition of the borrower (borrowers) from ASAN Service center.
  6. A document stating that the borrower belongs to a preferential category.
  7. Labor contract of borrower (borrowers) and a copy of employment record book confirmed by Human Resources Department of his/her workplace (each page must be verified).
  8. Documents proving borrower’s (borrowers’) income (reference from main or if has additional work place, payroll card bank statements etc.).
  9. Original evaluation act of mortgage subject.

Required documents if borrower is an individual entrepreneur:

  1. Certificate about registration of owner in tax authority (copy).
  2. Income tax or simplified tax declaration accepted by tax authority.
  3. Financial indicators of the last 24 months taken from the tax authorities.

Terms of use

The following persons who have an electronic cabinet and has chosen an apartment through "Affordable housing" system have the right to get MIDA mortgage:

  • Following members of a “young family”:
    1. Member of martyr families (husband/wife, children);
    2. National Hero (himself/herself, husband/wife, children);
    3. Refugee or person equal to him/her; 
    4. Person employed in state entities for more than 3 years;
    5. Teacher working for a general education school for more than 3 years;
    6. A person who has worked as a journalist for at least 5 years and is registered in the Media Register. (young family)
    7. A person who has worked as a journalist for at least 15 years and is registered in the Media Register.
    8. Person with Ph.D. degree;
    9. Person with special achievements in sports (honorary physical and sport trainers, winner of competitions within country (I place), persons rewarded in international competitions (I, II and III places).
  • Person with the degree of Doctor of Science.
  • Person who was employed as a public servant for more than 15 years.
  • Military workers employed more than 3 years (except military workers serving on call-up period), also reserve and retired military workers of the Republic of Azerbaijan (except the military workers who are in the reserve and retired from military service in the cases specified by the clauses 41.0.6, 41.0.7, 41.0.8, 41.0.10, 42.0.3, 42.0.4 and 42.0.5 of the Law “on military duty and military service” of the Republic of Azerbaijan).
  • A person with a special title who served for the authorities of internal affairs for more than 3 years.
  • Workers in the scientific sphere for more than 3 years.

Note: Every family (person) who is entitled to use social mortgage loans can use these concessions only one time.

You can apply for MIDA mortgage loans in Yasamal, Sabail, Sumgayit, Ajami, Nizami, Nesimi, Sabunchu and Ganja branches.

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