Enjoy Instant Double 'VAT Refund' with TamKart!

TamKart debit and credit cardholders can now enjoy instant double 'VAT refund'!

How to take advantage:

  • Activate the '2x VAT refund' feature in the ABB mobile app if you haven't already done so.
  • Simply scan your payment receipts in the ABB mobile app for up to AZN 100 spent with TamKart and instantly double your "VAT refund" balance.
  • Valid for up to 5 payment receipts scanned daily (up to AZN 100 each).
  • The maximum monthly limit for double 'VAT refund' earnings is AZN 50.
  • Payment receipts should be scanned within 24 hours after the transaction.

Activate "2 x Edv geri al"

If you don't have a TamKart yet, order your free Tam DigiCard, activate it instantly, and start benefiting from the double 'VAT refund' advantage.

TamKart. This is exactly what you want!

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