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Earn VAT interest back by scanning the QR code of the receipts or entering the fiscal ID.


Use the collected VAT refund through the mobile application.

"ƏDV Geri Al" service

Frequently Asked Questions

 How to activate “ƏDV Geri al” card in the mobile application?

1. In the Cards section, select the "ƏDV Geri al" card and agree to the terms of service;

2. Confirm the information required for registration of the “ƏDV Geri al” portal;

3. Identify the one-time code sent to your phone number;

4. Set a password for the “ƏDV Geri al” portal and complete the activation.

Who can become a campaign winner?

Each of the first 5 000 clients who registered in the mobile application or edvgerial.ibar.az and received a VAT refund up to AZN 10.*

How to get the money earned during the campaign?

AZN 5 earned within the campaign will be transferred to the customer's "ƏDV Geri al" card.

How many times can a client win a campaign?

Each client up to AZN 10 can win only once.

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