KartTransfer service allows you transfer funds to any card issued by ABB or banks served by Azericard processing center or other local banks.

Transfers are done online and the recipient will get the funds immediately. Thus, you can transfer money without visiting your branch, 24/7.

How can I send money?

You can use the following channels to make transfers:

To ABB or banks served by Azericard processing center

  • ATM
  • Payment terminal
  • MobilBank
  • InternetBank

To other local banks:

  • ATM
  • Payment terminal

Making transfers is simple

  • Choose Card Transfer in the menu
  • Enter receiver card number and amount
  • Confirm the operation

Charges and fees

Service fees

  • Commission for the transfer will be charged from sender’s card.
  • If the currency of the sender’s card is different from the currency of the receiver’s card, the sender will be additionally charged for the currency exchange. 
  • If receiver is a holder of a pension, stipend, interest or salary card then he/she will be charged a cash withdrawal fee

Transfers between cards denominated in different currencies:

  • You can only make cross-currency transfers from a card denominated in a foreign currency (USD, EUR, GBP).

Comission for card to card transactions


VISA (Internet, Electron, Classic, Gold, Platinum, Business) and MasterCard (Web-Card, Maestro, Standard, Gold, Platinum, Business) and Union Pay (Classic, Gold, Platinum) cards

American Express cards

VISA Infinite/MasterCard WorldElite, PrimeCard, VISA and MasterCard cards with grace period

Salary, social, student and other cards which benefit from free cash withdrawal at ABB

Transfers to the cards issued by the banks served by "Azericard" (KartTransfer)

0.15% (minimum 0.6 AZN/USD/EUR/GBP)

1.65% (minimum 0.6 AZN/USD/EUR/GBP)

1.65% (minimum 0.6 AZN/USD/EUR/GBP)

0.15% (minimum 0.6 AZN/USD/EUR/GBP)*

Domestic transfers to other financial entities (daily limit - 2000 AZN)

0.5% (minimum 1.6 AZN/USD/EUR/GBP)

1.65% (minimum 1.6 AZN/USD/EUR/GBP)

1.65% (minimum 1.6 AZN/USD/EUR/GBP)

0.5% (minimum 1.6 AZN/USD/EUR/GBP)


* - Transfer of the credit limit from salary card with grace period - 1.65% (minimum 0.6 AZN/USD/EUR/GBP)

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