Google Pay

Google Pay is an electronic payment system that can be used on Android-powered devices. It was developed by the Google company.


Don't need to carry physical cards on you. Google Pay gives you an easy way to pay.


Be comfortable when paying. Google Pay encrypts all your data and does not pass it on to a third party.


Contactless pay. You can pay with Google Pay anywhere contactless payment is possible.

Instructional video

Watch the video to activate and use Google Pay.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is an electronic payment system created by the Google company on September 11, 2015, and applied to smartphones running the Android operating system.

    Where can I use Google Pay?

    With a virtual card loaded on a smartphone, at Contactless payment points, mobile applications, websites, Google services.

      Who can use it?

      Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and newer smartphone users can make retail payments using the Near Field Communication (NFC) service through Google Pay.

        Is there a payment limit?

        The ability to pay by simply turning on the screen light without unlocking the smartphone - the ability to make unlimited payments by unlocking the smartphone up to AZN 100 only.

          Can I pay without internet?

          It is possible to pay on a smartphone even without an internet connection.

            If I have more than one card, which card will the charges be charged to?

            If multiple cards are added to Google Pay, the payment will be processed from the card selected by default in the Google Pay application.

              How is security ensured?

              Google Pay keeps bank card information and payments completely private and confidential, using Touch ID, Face ID and password during transactions. Although Google Pay generates a token card based on an existing physical card, it does not issue bank card information and bank account information. After adding a card to the device, the token card reflected in Google Pay is simply formed based on the data of the physical card: 16-digit PAN number of the card, expiration date, CVV2 / CVC2 code, in the subsequent activity and purchases, the payment data is transmitted to the other party in an encrypted form. When you add the same card to several devices, the token card has a different 16 digits for each device, which are not the same as the 16 digits on the physical card.

                How much is the service fee?

                The bank does not charge any service fees for adding a card to Google Pay, as well as for using a digital card as a means of payment in Apple Pay. It's completely free.

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