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Charges and Fees

VISA (İnternet, Electron, Classic, Gold, Platinum, Business) and MasterCard (Web-Card, Maestro, Standard, Gold, Platinum, Business) and Union Pay (Classic, Gold, Platinum), Mastercard Juventus Platinum cards

1.15% (min. 1.5 AZN/USD/EUR/GBP)

American Express cards

1.65% (min. 2.5 AZN/USD)

Infinite/ MC World Elite, PrimeCard, VISA and MasterCard cards with grace period

1.65% (min. 2.5 AZN/USD/EUR/GBP)

Salary, social, student and other cards which benefit from free cash withdrawal at ABB

0.15% (min. 0.5 AZN/USD/EUR/GBP)

from credit limit (ABB and other banks) 1.65% (min. 2 AZN/USD/EUR/GBP)

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