Sahibkart Visa Paywave

A convenient way to pay taxes and other obligations - Sahibkart Visa

The Bank ABB offers a new product called "Sahibkart" to non-VAT entrepreneurial customers. 

By having “Sahibkart” there is no need to come to the bank to make payments or to get information about the funds that received and withdrawn in the account. 


Customers who get a "Sahibkart" can easily take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Make online payments on tax debts and other liabilities online without visiting the bank;
  • Shop online;
  • Cash the amount in the account (maximum AZN 15 000 for 1 month) through ATM or POS-terminal;
  • Through InternetBank and ABB mobile services.

No commission fee is required when depositing up to AZN 100 (one hundred) when paying with “Sahibkart”.

Cash-in operations through all "E-manat" terminals in the country is possible.

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