Internal transfers

Through internal transfers, You can easily and affordably send money to the accounts of your company or other persons in the ABB.

Transfers can be made in both local and foreign currencies.


To make the transfer within the ABB, please provide 2 copies of the payment order to your branch.

Please indicate the following information in the payment order:

  • Date and number (the payment order will be valid within 3 working days);
  • Sender details (name, surname, account number, TAX ID);
  • Beneficiary details (name, surname, account number, TAX ID);
  • Amount and currency of transfer;
  • Details of payment;
  • Signatures;
  • Stamp.

Charge and fees

Transfers within ABB

Local currency

Foreign currency

Transfers between customer's accounts within home branch/subbranch free
Transfers between customer's accounts to other branches/subbranches 0.02% (min. AZN 1 - max. AZN 20) 0.02% (min. USD 1 equivalent - max. USD 20 equivalent)
Other transfers within ABB 0.05% (min. AZN 1 - max. AZN 50) 0.05% (min. USD 1 equivalent - max. USD 50 equivalent)

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