Collection is a convenient type of settlement for our export or import customers.

It requires payment by submitting commercial documents (invoices, insurance certificates, transport documents, documents related to the provision of services, etc.) to the Payer (Importer) through the bank. The Bank acts as an intermediary in the delivery of documents to the Payer.

Unlike the letter of credit, it is used in cases where reliable relations are established between the contractual partners, and the solvency is not in doubt.

To benefit from the debt collection service, it is enough to have an account with ABB and instruct the bank to receive documents for debt collection.


Collection types accepted by the bank:

  • D/P (Documents against payment) – documents submitted by the exporter to the importer after the payment is made by the last party;
  • D/A (Documents against acceptance) - In this case, the Importer accepts the unconditional legal obligation to pay according to the terms of the contract by endorsing the promissory note to obtain the documents.



  • The interests of the parties to the contract are protected.
  • Additional guarantee of contractual obligations: the importing client makes the payment only after all documents are available from the bank.
  • The operation is carried out in accordance with international regulations.


Charge and fees

Collection operations
Acceptance of documents for collection 0.1% (min. 100 AZN/USD/EUR)
Local post services (for each document set) AZN 10
International post services (for each document set) USD 70
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