Project Financing

Project financing involves the funding of long-term infrastructure, industrial, commercial, construction projects, and public services. The primary objective is to boost and stimulate a country's export potential by providing financing to Buyers in foreign countries.

Various means of financing investment credit can be utilized, including authorized capital (direct investment), letters of credit, guarantees, bank loans, leasing, and sometimes commodity loans.


ABB OJSC for trade and project financing offers the following services:

  • Trade and project financing at the expense of ABB Bank based on the client's request;
  • Trade and project financing at the expense of foreign financial institutions based on the client's request;
  • Project financing and insurance by Export Credit Agencies (ECA) based on the client's request;
  • Provision of advisory services on trade and project financing;
  • Provision of short, medium and long-term financing.


Short-term and long-term financing, taking into account the purchase of goods and equipment, as well as full financing of medium and large projects:

  • Short term – Up to 3 years;
  • Long term – From 3 to 10 years.
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