VISA Electron PayWave Salary

An affordable VISA salary card for your employees


What is the salary card?

A salary card is a bank card issued for your employee to get a salary, bonuses, allowances, etc.  

Salary card possesses the same functionality as any regular bank card: cash withdrawal, payments, etc.

Card annual service fee and cash withdrawal fees will be paid by your company.

How to transfer salary to employee account?

  • Submit a payment order indicating account numbers of the employees and amounts to be credited;
  • Pay fees for cash withdrawal;
  • Your branch will transfer the respective amounts to your employees’ accounts the same day.


Benefits to your company:

  • A decrease in the costs associated with cash collection, storage, and distribution;
  • Salary available to employees the same day when the transfer is a maid;
  • Information about the amounts of salary stays confidential.

Benefits to your company’s employees:

  • Get a fully-functional international payment card free of charge;
  • Withdraw cash free of charge in our wide ATM network as well as make payments in POS machines and in online stores;
  • No need to carry cash while travelling: withdraw money in ATMs or make non-cash operations worldwide;
  • Benefit from our e-services and 24/7-open banking channels;
  • Get affordable loans and credit lines.


To open salary cards for your employees:

  • Contact your branch;
  • Your account manager will inform you about the terms and possibilities of the service;
  • Fill in the application form and sign the contract;
  • Fill in a .xls file with your employee’s information;
  • Pay fees for the issuing of the cards;
  • Branch will open accounts and issue cards for every employee;
  • Cards will be handed over to your representative;
  • Each time you need to transfer money to your employees, please submit a payment order to your branch.

Charges and fees

Card operations

Transfer of salaries to the employees' card accounts


Issuance of salary and business/corporate cards

regulated by the contract

Installation of POS machine


Insurance deposit for installing a POS machine


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