Purchase of "Software quality measurement" tool by "ABB" Open Joint Stock Company

"ABB" Open Joint Stock Company


Tender name: Purchase of "Software quality measurement" tool by "ABB" Open Joint Stock Company

Tender announcement date: 12.09.2023

The tender is held for 1 lot.

Bidders are suggested to submit their bids in written form in sealed, signed double envelopes.

Bidders must have the necessary financial and technical capabilities to fulfill the contract.


Companies wishing to participate in the tender are required to have at least 1 (one) year of business activity in the field of service.

Those who want to participate in the tender can get a set of basic conditions compiled in the Azerbaijani language after transferring the participation fee in the following amount to the indicated account.


Participation fee:

Lot – 150 (one hundred and fifty) manats for 1



TIN: 9900001881

CODE: 805250


C/a: AZ03NABZ01350100000000002944

S/a: AZ12IBAZ34501019440000100100 AZN

S/a: AZ33IBAZ34511018400000100100 USD


The participation fee is not refundable under any circumstances.

Participants can get the set of basic conditions drawn up in Azerbaijani at the address No. 67, Nizami Street, Baku City, Nasimi District (Contact person: Gunel Ismayilova, phone: 012 4930091, ext. 8215, e-mail address:


Documents to be submitted for participation in the tender:

  •  Written request (application) to participate in the tender;
  • A bank document on the payment of the participation fee in the tender;
  • Tender offer (must be valid for at least 30 (thirty) banking days after the date of opening of tender envelopes (October 3, 2023) (that is, until at least November 16, 2023);
  • bank guarantee in the amount of 1 (one) percent of the tender offer value (must be at least 30 banking days more than the last day of the validity period of the tender offer (that is, it must be valid until at least December 27, 2023);
  • certificate from the relevant tax authority that the claimant has no overdue obligations regarding taxes and other mandatory payments in the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • a copy of the financial report approved by the tax authorities about the plaintiff's activity in the last year;
  • a bank statement on the applicant's financial situation in the last year (if he has been active for a shorter period of time, during the entire period of his activity);
  • the full name, legal status, charter, country of registration, and bank details of the claimant;
  • other documents according to the applicant's discretion;
  • in case the claimant is a non-resident, in order to determine the tax residency of the claimant who is considered a non-resident, those persons must submit a document (certificate) confirming their tax residency.


Documents must be drawn up in Azerbaijani, in 2 copies (original and copy) (tender proposals in foreign languages must be translated into Azerbaijani).

To participate in the tender, the bidders should submit the above documents (except the tender offer and bank guarantee) by 17:00 on September 26, 2023, and the tender offer and bank guarantee in double-sealed envelopes by 17:00 on October 2, 2023, should be submitted to the address No. 67, Nizami street, Nasimi district, Baku.

Envelopes submitted after this time will be returned unopened.


Bidders' proposals will be opened on October 3, 2023, at 16:00 at the address No. 67, Nizami Street, Nasimi District, Baku.

Authorized representatives of claimants may participate. Participating representatives must present a document confirming their authority (power of attorney).

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