Shares issued

Last update: 25.01.2023

Type of shares: ordinary (equity) certificated registered

Registration number: AZ1004004581

Face value (Nominal value): 27 (twenty seven) coins (AZN)

Shareholders’ rights of the ABB:

  • Participate in the management of the Issuer in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Issuer's Charter, elect and be elected to its management and executive bodies.
  • To receive information on the activities of the Issuer in the manner prescribed by law, to get acquainted with its annual report and balance sheet once a year.
  • Require the convening of a general meeting of shareholders of the Issuer.
  • Require amendments to the agenda of the general meeting of shareholders of the Issuer.
  • Participate in the general meeting of shareholders of the Issuer with the right to vote and request a copy of its minutes.
  • Require the verification of the issuer's activities by the inspection commission (inspector).
  • Receive dividends from the Issuer's net profit.
  • In case of the Issuer's activity termination, to receive a certain part of the Issuer's remaining property after fulfilling the requirements of its creditors, payment of accrued but unpaid dividends, as well as liquidation value of preferred shares.
  • Other rights provided by the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic and the Issuer's Charter.
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