Rewarding policy

Basic principles of awarding

Last update: 25.01.2024

"ABB" OJSC (Bank) accepts reward work as a basic element of proactive personnel training policy towards the realization of strategic and business goals. The Bank's reward system serves to retain and motivate qualified and professional employees who ensure the realization of the Bank's strategic and business goals, stimulate their personal and professional development, as well as attract qualified and professional employees from the labor market.

The Bank is guided by principles such as fairness, competitiveness and transparency in rewarding staff.

Rewarding tools

The bank can reward its employees using cash and non-cash instruments. Non-cash reward tools include social programs provided by the Bank, in addition to the mandatory security programs provided by the government.

Reward settings

In order to measure the level of realization of short and medium-term business goals, the Bank evaluates the performance of the staff on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis, depending on the direction. In the evaluation process, the performance of the goals assigned to the employee for the reporting year is analyzed. In addition to the quantitative aspects of the employee's annual performance (for example, execution of assigned tasks, implementation of the plan, etc.), attention is also paid to the quality parameters during rewarding. Quality indicators include parameters such as the employee's level of compliance with the Bank's corporate values, his discipline. Customer orientation of employees of customer service structures is an important quality indicator.

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