Live your youth to the fullest

Meet new style card for young people! Make your payments with TamGənc, and enjoy shopping.

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No extra fees for cashing out money

*Withdraw up to 5000 AZN from domestic ATMs commission-free


No extra fees for transferring money

*Send up to 2000 AZN to any card with no commission


No extra cost for SMS notifications

*Join the SMS notification service for free

Earn a lot of cashback

More cashbacks are waiting for you in the selected categories. Make payments with TamGənc, earn 5% cashback.

Let your money bring more money

TamGənc card will fit your lifestyle perfectly. Get 6% annual return on the amount by keeping your money on the card.

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Advantageous tariffs

Full information about TamGənc card service and commission fees, cashback and interest rate calculation on the balance.

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Who can get TamGənc?

People between the ages of 18 and 25.

What is the withdrawing term?

You can withdraw cash at ATMs of any bank in the country without commission. The monthly limit for withdrawing is up to 5000 AZN (in foreign currency equivalent).

How can I make free money transfers?

Through ABB mobile, you can make transfers to any other bank card without commission. The monthly transfer limit is up to 2000 AZN (in foreign currency equivalent). This service applies only to the debit part of the product.

How is the interest on the balance calculated?

6% per annum is charged to the balance on the card registered in ABB mobile and transferred to the card account at the end of the month. Interest on the balance is calculated for max. 3000 AZN of the balance. There is no minimum balance requirement for interest.

How much is TamGənc's enhanced cashback?

In selected store categories, cashback is set at 5% at any bank’s POS-terminal. Categories: digital and physical bookstores, game machines and digital gaming portals, digital audio and video portals, taxicabs, tourist atteactions and exhibits (museums), passenger railways.

What is the cashback rate of TamGənc?

On the credit side, the cashback on one-time payment with ABB’s POS-terminals and e-commerce system is at least 2%; cashback on one-time payment with other bank’s POS-terminals and e-commerce system is 1%; cashback on the debit side is set at a minimum of 1%. In addition, when the cashback percentage in the partner stores of the QayğıCash club is more than 2%, the interest of the QayğıCash club is returned to the customer. The cashback interest provided by the bank's partner companies is showed in the QayğıCash section of the website.

How can I activate the credit line?

You can activate the credit line only based on the analysis of a loan officer. For that please approach the same branch where you got TamGənc card.