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With our loan calculator, you will be able to easily make your own calculation. It is possible to calculate the monthly payment and the total amount just by including the duration and amount of the loan. This calculator will help you make all the necessary reports for the loan you want to get before online order.

Salary loan

Cash loan for the ABB salary cardholders.

Pension loan

Cash loan for the ABB pension cardholders.

Refinancing loan

ABB salary cardholders have an opportunity to combine current loans into one single loan on favorable terms.

A loan for everybody

Cash loan for anyone who has an official income and receives a salary through cards of other banks

Credit limit for depositors

Cash loan for depositors

Cash loan for depositors of the International Bank of Azerbaijan.

Credit card limit

Bank ABB cardholders are given a credit limit of up to AZN 5 000 (VISA or MasterCard) on that card.

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