NFC technology

NFC technology


What are VTS and NFC?

VTS (Visa Token Service) is a service that allows making contactless NFC payments using VISA cards via Android mobile phones.

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a feature that allows you to make contactless payments using mobile phones.

How to use this service?

To use VTS, you must download the IBA Pay mobile application to an Android mobile phone that supports the NFC function.

Download link for the app:

How to make contactless payments?

To pay for purchases, the mobile phone must be taken out of the lock screen mode and touch the screen of the POS terminal. Moreover, if the transaction amount is less than 50 manat, you do not need to enter an additional security code. If the amount of payments is or exceeds 50 manat, you must enter the code.

How to use the ABB Pay mobile app?

It is necessary to register in the application and activate the NFC function on VISA cards, and then payments at merchants can be made by touching the POS terminal.

How to register?

You can register by entering the 16-digit card number and security code displayed on the screen. When ordering a card, a one-time code will be sent in the form of SMS to the mobile phone number specified in the system. After entering the code, the client assigns a 5-digit access code to use the mobile application. If your phone has a biometric authentication feature (Touch ID), you can also use this feature to log in.

How to activate contactless payment in the application?

To make contactless payments through a mobile application, you must first go to the card menu and select "Activate NFC payments" in the "Services" section.


Link to download the ABB Pay mobile application:

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